How to Buy a Foreclosure Video

The Ultimate Resource for BIG SAVINGS on FORECLOSURES!

Are you interested in taking advantage of buying a steeply discounted bank-owned REO foreclosure home?  Think you need a lot of money to buy a foreclosure?  Think you can’t beat out cash offers from savvy real estate investors?  Think it’s impossible for you – the average person who just wants a sweet deal on some great real estate – to beat out all the competition and score your dream house, with a bargain-basement price?  THINK AGAIN! Watch our proprietary foreclosure video to learn the secrets previously known only by professional foreclosure dealers!

This step-by-step instructional video provides the information to:

  • SAVE BIG MONEY by buying a foreclosed home!
  • SAVE TIME with a Winning Foreclosure Purchase Strategy!
  • MAKE LIFE EASIER by Purchasing Foreclosures with Confidence!

Learn Secrets and Strategies About Buying Foreclosures that Other Buyers Don’t Know!

The housing industry is experiencing a phenomenon like never before. Recent market behavior has resulted in millions of foreclosures, and analysts predict that current conditions may lead to 6.5 million more foreclosures within the next few years.

As a top-producing real estate agent for the “banks”, the developer of the HomeForSure videos have successfully sold hundreds foreclosure properties. By watching this easy-to-follow video, you will quickly learn what it takes to confidently purchase foreclosure real estate, avoid costly mistakes, and save yourself a fortune at the same time.

Would you like to take advantage of the unprecedented number of foreclosure properties being offered at historically low values?

If so, then the HomeForSure videos will be an invaluable asset to you. HomeForSure is a unique learning tool, and is not a get rich quick scheme. HomeForSure is designed for those who wish to better understand how to buy foreclosure properties.

In clear and practical terms, the HomeForSure videos will::

  • Remove fear and uncertainty surrounding foreclosures
  • Dispel common myths and misperceptions
  • Lift the curtain of secrecy of the foreclosure sales process
  • Provide practical and realistic insight
  • Cover the three stages of foreclosure, and show you when it’s best to buy
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of buying foreclosure real estate
  • Detail the ins and outs of financing a foreclosure house
  • Explain how to write a winning offer on a foreclosure property
  • Reveal the roles of all the parties in the process, so you know who you’re dealing with
  • Guide you through various negotiation strategies
  • Break down the closing process and what closing costs you can expect in addition to the property itself
  • Teach you how to navigate a successful closing, and much more!

No Surprises at the Negotiation Table!

Purchasing a Bank-Owned REO property is different than purchasing from an owner-occupant or investor. Those that treat the purchase the same often either don’t get the home they want, or usually end up paying a lot more than they could have.

Buyers often trust their put in a real estate professional to get them the best possible deal. Yet the overwhelming majority of agents, who may be very experienced buying a traditional resale property, know little when it comes to best representing their clients on foreclosure purchases. Even agents who have helped clients buy foreclosure purchases before may not be any good at it, as it’s a known fact that many buyers end up leaving a lot of cash behind on the closing table. Without knowing it, agents and their clients who are unaware of the bank’s sales and marketing strategy may be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

The HomeForSure video series was created by a real estate professional with intimate knowledge of the bank’s processes. By watching the HomeForSure video series, you’ll learn to think how banks think. Whether it is giving the banks what they want, or convincing the banks to accept what they don’t, HomeForSure helps buyers of foreclosure properties to recognize the difference.

HomeForSure is a detailed guide to buying foreclosure property, developed by a certified expert and foreclosure market professional.

HomeForSure Video 1: Buying a REO in Six Simple Steps

Getting a mind-blowing deal on a foreclosure purchase requires a clear strategy for saving money right from the get-go. Through these six simple, easy-to-follow steps, you’ll learn to develop a foreclosure purchase strategy guaranteed to save money, time and stress!

HomeForSure Video 2: Advanced Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Looking for that inside edge? This video provides valuable secrets that help to assure success in a competitive foreclosure market, with nothing left at the negotiation table. Expert insight that your own real estate agent may be lacking but which can and will save you thousands of dollars at the closing table!

The Ultimate Foreclosure Resource

This is down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts information for anybody interested in better understanding foreclosures. It walks through each step of the purchase process based on extensive experience with the process of buying and selling foreclosure real estate.

These instructional videos are the only comprehensive course available to educate the average person in the process of buying a REO foreclosure home. You won’t find another video that provides such a clear and detailed examination of the ins and outs of successfully purchasing bank-owned property which is designed specifically for the average person who is looking to get a sweet deal on a great foreclosure property.

What’s at Stake

    • It’s projected that 1 out of every 111 homes will be foreclosed upon in this cycle.
    • Every three months, 250,000 new properties enter into foreclosure
    • It is estimated that as many as 1 million foreclosure actions that should have taken place in 2011 will now happen in 2012, or even later.
    • Distress sales (foreclosures and short sales) currently make up approx. 30% of all of the active listings on the market.


Why Buy a Foreclosure Home?

    • Homeowners are more satisfied with their lives and are happier. Homeownership is positively associated with physical, mental and emotional health.
    • Children of homeowners are likely to perform higher on academic achievement test and are more likely to finish high school. They also have fewer behavioral problems in school and are less likely to become pregnant as teenagers.
    • Political activity (voting, civic participation) is higher among homeowners than renters. High level of neighborhood homeownership enhances property values.


It’s time to get off the fence!

Making the decision to buy a home, especially for first-time buyers, is not something that should be taken lightly given the stakes that are involved. The foreclosure phenomenon has created uncertainties for first-time home buyers after seeing so many friends and family members lose homes and be set back years financially. Buyers today know the risks involved with buying a home, and want to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

The flip side of the crisis for some is that new opportunity has been created for many. For too many years, many would-be home buyers were shut out of the market, as prices had risen too high for the typical buyer. Yet today’s real estate market presents the kind of home-buying opportunities that many people felt they would never see again.

There are a lot of buyers out there that would like to buy bank-owned foreclosure property, but think that you have to be an investor-type in order to buy, or at least get a good deal. Others avoid foreclosure properties altogether, assuming that the process is too difficult or fraught with peril.

The HomeForSure video series is a fantastic tool that helps remove the fear and uncertainty surrounding the purchase of bank-owned REO properties. The easy-to-understand format lifts the curtain of secrecy and provides practical and realistic insight. HomeForSure provides tips and insights from industry experts that help everyday home buyers save money, save time and make life easier!

From Foreclosure to Home – FOR SURE!

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At this introductory price, the cost-to-value ratio is enormous. The HomeForSure video course provides the resources needed to save up to tens of thousands of dollars when you purchase your next foreclosure home.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in HomeForSure that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy a bank-owned foreclosure and do not find this video course helpful, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

HomeForSure Lights the Way!

Uncertainty. No feeling is worse after making a purchase of any kind, and feeling uncertain after buying a home has kept countless of homeowners up at night. Uncertainty can come from missing out on the home most wanted, fearing that a home’s condition doesn’t meet expectations, or stressing about money wasted through improper negotiation. For buyers of bank-owned foreclosure properties who aren’t familiar with the process, there are even more causes for uncertainty.

    • How can I be sure that I receive clean title?
    • What can I hope to learn from the disclosures?
    • How can I satisfy myself with the home’s condition?
    • Who is responsible for any damages which need repair?
    • What types of loans are seen most favorably by sellers of foreclosure properties?
    • Which loans are likely not to meet guidelines?
    • How can my offer shine in a competitive bidding situation?
    • How will the banks react if I submit a “low-ball” offer?
    • What will happen if I wish to renegotiate terms?
    • Who am I even dealing with?

When it comes to the unknown elements of purchasing foreclosure property, HomeForSure provides unparalleled value. By understanding the bank’s foreclosure process and seeing all of the angles, HomeForSure buyers purchase with confidence, knowing they got the home they wanted for the best possible terms. A small price to pay for a good night’s sleep!

5 Reasons Why HomeForSure Holds Life-Changing Potential

Reason #1: Money Talks

After watching the HomeForSure video series, you will be astonished as to the amount of savings hiding throughout the foreclosure purchase process. Whether at the closing table, or through the life of your loan, HomeForSure shows you where to look for the savings and explains the steps to take to make it yours!

Reason #2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A lack of understanding of how best to buy a bank-owned REO results in countless offers not getting accepted, and deals not closing. Ultimately, such a waste of time results in lost opportunities and rash decisions on the part of frustrated buyers. The HomeForSure video series not only illuminates opportunities for savings, but provides tips and tricks that help save time and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Reason #3: A Leg Up on the Competition

The secret is out about bank-owned foreclosure properties, and buyers and investors alike are lining up to get a piece of the action. Many people, especially first-time home buyers feel intimidated by the stiff competition, and refuse to throw their hats in the ring. Yet through the HomeForSure video series buyers, first-time or otherwise, learn secrets from industry insiders that prove to be difference-makers in a competitive bid situation time and again.  You will learn about offer strategies that can work to get your offer accepted, no matter how many offers you are competing against, and no matter how small your down payment!

Reason #4: No Regrets

Nothing is more frustrating than identifying the home of your dreams, then having it slip through your fingers. When it comes to foreclosure properties, price is not always the greatest sticking point. By watching the HomeForSure video series and learning what banks look for in an offer, you can maximize the possibility of getting your offer on a foreclosure property accepted – at a price that is acceptable to you which won’t leave you with a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

Reason #5: Designed For You!

Most products which purport to educate buyers about the ins-and-outs of foreclosure real estate are directed towards investors – but not the HomeForSure videos!  This video series was created for “the rest of us” – regular folks who just want to get a good deal on some great real estate.  The best way to assure that you get the best possible deal on a foreclosure purchase is to understand the inner workings of the process. The HomeForSure video series not only achieves this, but it does so in an easy-to understand format that anybody can utilize to their benefit!

HomeForSure: Designed with the Consumer in Mind

HomeForSure was developed with the average homebuyer in mind. While housing and mortgage professionals are comfortable with the jargon of real estate and loans, the same should not be expected of their clients. The HomeForSure system strikes the delicate balance of translating the intricacies of the foreclosure purchase process into an easy-to-understand video format. Buyers are guided through all that they need to know, with extra care given to spell out the most crucial points that lead directly to the greatest savings. Just a couple of hours watching and learning with HomeForSure has the potential to save viewers thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars!

HomeForSure lifts the shroud of secrecy behind the bank-owned foreclosure process. By illuminating the world of foreclosures from the inside-out, common myths are dispelled along with fear, uncertainty and misperceptions. Armed with a strong overall understanding that is relatively unavailable outside the walls of a bank, HomeForSure viewers save money, time and stress!

Four Advantages of Buying Foreclosure Homes

Today’s home buyer is faced with a great variety of choices when it comes to buying a home. When a buyer understands the vital elements of foreclosure real estate sales, they put themselves in position to enjoy a variety of benefits that are only available through foreclosure purchase. Below is a list of four primary benefits that informed buyers of foreclosure properties enjoy.

1. HUGE Savings!

The lending institutions are scrambling to navigate their way through a flood of foreclosures, bad debt, and staggering losses. Among other things, this means that both their valuation and pricing strategies are completely different from other types of real estate sales. Given this, clever buyers can get into a home that is priced anywhere form 6-35% under market value! By understanding the local market better than the lending institutions, buyers can quickly identify under-market listings and enjoy fantastic savings.

2. Negotiations the Way they Should Be

Both fair market and short sale transactions have developed well-deserved reputations over the years. Given the involvement of private parties on both sides, fair-market sales are often fraught with emotion. When confronted with low-ball offers or requests for repairs, many sellers, especially owner-occupants, often take such overtures as a personal affront. Short sales are even worse. Banks are notorious for requiring months to approve a sales price and terms, and renegotiating in light of new information is not only difficult, but is often met with inflexibility.

Surprisingly, bank-owned foreclosure negotiations don’t suffer from any of this. The sales structure of bank-owned foreclosure real estate offers flexible negotiation potential, a professional and impersonal dialogue, and a surprisingly fast turnaround. All of the best elements of real estate negotiation, with none of the emotional or logistical baggage!

3. Maximum Improvement Potential

“Fixer-Upper” properties come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found across all sales types. The key is the nature of the damages, and the value potential they would provide if improved or upgraded. As with many homes, bank-owned homes are often subject to mild neglect, known as “deferred maintenance”. The result is a large inventory of foreclosure listings that feature minor cosmetic issues such as stained carpets, chipped paint and unkempt yards. The good news is that minor cosmetic issues offer the greatest value premium, meaning that buyers can enjoy prime sweat equity opportunities immediately upon purchase.

4. The Perks of Exclusivity

Truth is, not all would-be buyers are in position to purchase a foreclosure home. The banks have certain criteria when they evaluate offers, which can be a bit stricter than what is generally acceptable on the open market.

Buyers who have a clear idea of what will and won’t be considered by banks can formulate a foreclosure purchase strategy that will be viewed most favorably by the banks. On the flip side, would-be buyers who aren’t in the know leave their offers open to dismissal on several counts, falling away to leave a relatively exclusive pool of bank-owned foreclosure buyers that enjoy unprecedented savings on their purchases.

These benefits are real, and their impact is furthered when they are coupled with some of the social benefits of home ownership such as emotional stability, family achievement, and civic participation. At present rates, approximately 250,000 new properties enter into foreclosure every three months. Through the well-timed and well-informed purchase of bank-owned foreclosure properties, homeowners can feel confident in their purchase today, and proud of their decision tomorrow.