Inside and Out

Everything to do with the the practical aspects, the ins-and-outs of home ownership.

Home Insurance: Protection from Fire

With news reports of spreading wildfires in various parts of the country, the topic of fire insurance must be considered. Does your homeowners insurance policy cover damage or loss from fire? What types of fire insurance exist? How does fire insurance work? What is Fire Insurance? Fire insurance can either be included under a larger […]

Protecting Your New Home Against Termites

Some areas of the country are prone to termite infestations, although they are possible just about anywhere. If you live somewhere that this can be common, you need to be proactive to protect your new home, so that these nasty little bugs do not destroy your new investment. Protecting Your Home Against Termites To protect […]

Home Insurance: Earthquake Protection

Home insurance is something every homeowner should have. There are various types of coverage for any given risk. One of the typical risks faced by homeowners in certain parts of the country is that of damage from earthquakes. Levels of coverage, rates and deductibles are discussed below. What is Earthquake Insurance? As mentioned above, earthquake […]

Taking Care of Your Home’s Landscaping

One of the things that probably drew you to your new home was its landscaping. Now that you own the place, you have to put some work in to make sure the landscaping stays as nice as it was when you drove by the first time. DIY Landscaping Tips Much of what needs to be […]

HVAC Maintenance and Care for Homeowners

One of the most expensive pieces in your new home, and also one of the most important, is your HVAC system. Taking proper care of your HVAC system will help ensure its longevity, but you do need to be aware of what to expect to maintain and eventually replace that system when you become homeowners. […]

Earth Movement and Homeowners’ Insurance

Almost everyone has head of earthquakes, but not many are familiar with the term “earth movement.” Earthquakes are certainly a form of earth movement, but they are by far not the only type of earth movement that exists. Other natural disasters that fall under this category include mudflows, volcanic eruptions, landslides, shock waves and sinkholes. […]

Save Energy and Money with Dual Pane Windows

A significant energy output in the home is heating and cooling. Most energy waste in this category is lost through openings in the building’s shell – this is called fenestration. Single pane windows are notorious for allowing heat or cool air to escape. Dual pane windows offer a great way to reduce energy loss and […]

Condominiums and Litigation

Condominiums and townhomes are types of residential properties where ownership involves not only a particular housing unit, but also shared ownership of common areas. These communities and residential developments are governed by homeowner associations, which are official legal entities created to maintain the common areas shared by condominium unit owners. With the exception of the […]

Central Forced Air Heating

Central forced air is the most commonly used type of heating and cooling system in place today. Also know as a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, central forced air is primarily used in modern homes due to its convenience and ease of use. Costing between $1,700-10,000 dollars USD, many have seen a brilliant […]

Maintaining Your Well

Buying a home that uses well water can be very cost effective, because you will not have to worry about a monthly bill for your water treatment. However, you do need to stay on top of maintenance for your well, or you will be left with a costly, and potentially dangerous, water situation. Well Maintenance […]