Central Forced Air Heating

Central forced air is the most commonly used type of heating and cooling system in place today. Also know as a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, central forced air is primarily used in modern homes due to its convenience and ease of use.
Costing between $1,700-10,000 dollars USD, many have seen a brilliant return for this very auspicious investment.

Brief History of HVAC systems

It has been said that the oldest known heating and cooling systems were created during the height of the Roman empire. These systems utilized furnaces and underground piping and was called a hypocaust. Ancient Korea has a system known as ondol which dates back to 37 BC-AD 668. In the Korean system, heat from large stoves were used to keep homes warm in the winters.

Indeed, it would appear that man has always tried to find ways to heat and cool the interior of their homes. The modern era has perfected this idea with central forced air.

What is Central Forced Air

Central forced air, aka central heating and air, is a form of sub engineering system, that is designed to help homeowners heat and cool their homes with touch button convenience. Gone are the days of shoveling coal into stoves or burning wood for fuel and warmth. One can also toss aide large cumbersome fans that ate up interior real estate and can be somewhat unsightly.

With Central forced air, a heating and cooling contractor can take insulated ventilation tubing to various areas of the home. Vents are then set up so the air and or heat can pipe through to rooms as needed.

Benefits of Central forced Air

Based on thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and the principles of heat transfer and refrigeration, central forced air systems are environmentally sound and safe ways to cool and heat homes, apartments, condominiums, aquariums, schools, hospitals, sky scrapers and office complexes.
This is because these highly advanced HVAC systems often use the fresh air from the surroundings in order to regulate internal temperatures and humidity.

Further benefits of central forced air include but are not limited to:

  • Controlled climates. Old heating and air methods where wood, coal or ice were used made it near impossible to get the settings right for internal environments. Central forced air makes this nuisance a thing of the past.
  • Ease of use. Long ago, it took a lot of hard labor to keep homes and business properly heated or cooled. Central forced air is simple to use, just turn a dial or click a button and the perfect amount of heat or air is yours.
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly– central forced air is used in hospitals and around the sick as filtration systems help lower the proliferation of harmful germs and bacteria in the air.
  • Cost and time effective — when one looks at the time and energy spent using old fashioned methods of heating and cooling, contacting heating and cooling contractors can be a sound investment in your home indeed!

Central Forced Air Can make a big Difference

Contact a heating and cooling contractor today to learn more about central forced air. Not only will having central forced heating and air in your home increase its value, but it can make your air cleaner and healthier.

Contact reputable heating and cooling contractors today for cost estimates and learn that you can do to make you home interior a more relaxed and inviting environment.

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