Taking Care of Your Home’s Landscaping

One of the things that probably drew you to your new home was its landscaping. Now that you own the place, you have to put some work in to make sure the landscaping stays as nice as it was when you drove by the first time.

DIY Landscaping Tips

Much of what needs to be done to keep your landscaping looking nice is stuff you can do on your own. If you have decorative garden areas, for instance, they need to be weeded. There is no ignoring the weeding, or they will quickly become overrun. Learn to distinguish between plants that are supposed to be there, and plants that are unwanted weeds.

Your lawn needs to be cared for as well. Make sure you spray fertilizer and weed killer on it at the appropriate times, and keep it mowed. Do not mow it when it has been suffering from a dry spell and has not grown, however. This will only serve to make it turn brown and go dormant much more quickly.

Doing your own landscaping is more affordable than hiring someone else to do it, but it is not free. You will have to pay for the occasional plant, the fertilizer, and even the wear and tear on your lawnmower. You will need some equipment, like gloves, spades, and shovels, to make the task doable. So, you will need to set some money aside each year to help you with your landscaping needs.

Hiring a Landscaper

Some landscaping tasks are best left to a professional. For instance, if you need to redesign your landscaping, you might want the expertise of someone who has an eye for these types of things. Hiring a professional landscaper will ensure that the plants you plant really do go together, and the accents and walls you add will work with the overall design.

Estimating the Costs

Estimating the costs of landscaping is almost impossible. The complexity of your design combined with the way you choose to tackle it, either on your own or with the help of a professional, is going to impact the cost significantly. Also, the types of plants that you put into your landscaping are going to affect the cost.

If you are updating the existing landscaping design, you may need to factor in some costs for decorative items, like lighting, mulch, and rocks, that will complete the design. These, with the exception of mulch, are typically one-time investments, although they may need to be replaced after a few years. Mulch needs to be topped off every year to stay fresh and clean looking. For lighting, consider solar powered options so you do not have to worry about running cords or increasing your electric bill.

One way to lower the cost is to invest in plants that will come back each year. This way you do not have to buy annuals every single year. Instead, you can let your garden grow and bloom on its own with just a little care from you.

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