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Seb Frey is a happily married husband and father of two boys, living in a sublime corner of the Shire known as Aptos, CA. He is a real estate broker and entrepreneur, slavishly dedicated to creating Quality and Value.

Will 2012 Offer Greatest Affordability of Real Estate in a Generation?

It wasn’t so long ago that there was a widespread belief that real estate values went only one direction – up.  Of course, that was never true, and there was always ample evidence that real estate was at least somewhat cyclical.  When I first began selling real estate – several years before the top of […]

Are You Crazy To Buy in a Declining Market?

Across the nation, there seems to be at least a flutter of debate about the state of the housing market.  Is the market still declining?  Have we hit the bottom?  Are we near the bottom?  Are we on the brink of a resurgent housing market?  Or have we begun the dreaded double-dip in home values? […]

Homeownership is for Suckers

A man’s home is his Castle – or so they say.  That may have been true in the past, and for some, it is probably true today.  But there’s a new consciousness about home ownership which has started to pervade the American discourse:  a man’s home is a prison. There was a time – not […]

Beware The Low-Down, No-Down Real Estate Deal

By now, it should be clear to even the most casual observer that real estate is by no means a completely safe investment.  In fact, recent experience has shown that real estate is far from it – for millions upon millions of people, buying a house has turned out to be the worst investment they […]